story time

On a cool summer morning in Los Angeles, Max Baumann woke up with a smile. He was about to depart on an epic surf trip to Australia to meet up with his surf buddy, Aaron. He couldn’t stop thinking of all the spontaneous adventures, great waves and fun people he would meet along the way…

A few hours later, Max cruised into a hectic scene at LAX airport. Angry drivers getting parking tickets, irritable people in the mile-long security lines, and nervous first-time travelers created a strong wave of tension. Looking around he noticed a sea of stressed out folks. In that moment, an idea was born. What if there was a natural drink designed to help keep you calm and focused?

The epiphany led to hours of research and soon, the idea for a CHILL drink seemed within reach. The beverage would be the medium. The mission? Create a revolution around the Power of Calm. He teamed up with his college friends, Russell Fager, Caleb Davidge & Mitchell Raisch, to form the company that would start the CHILL movement, cleverly named The Chill Group, Inc. Eight months later they popped open their first cans of JUST CHILL.