L-Theanine : Natures Secret Weapon on Stress

Just Chill Beverages are powered by a unique amino acid called SunTheanine. SunTheanine is a “nootropic” or functional supplement that enhances cognitive function. What makes SunTheanine so unique?

SunTheanine is the only clinically studied and patented form of L-theanine you can get your hands on. L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found in green tea, has been shown to help improve performance by reducing stress and increasing focus without causing drowsiness.

One can of Just Chill has 15X the amount of L-Theanine found in a single cup of green tea. Sound like a game changer? It is.

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  • yin-yang-iconsupports a calm + focused mindset

  • zen-iconhelps reduce stress

  • vitamins-and-minerals-icon
    helps reduce anxiety

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the amount found in green tea

What else is in Just Chill?

  • icon-ingredients-b-vitamin-complex
    Vitamin B

    helps regulate the nervous system and improve mood

  • icon-ingredients-vitamin-c
    Vitamin C

    promotes a healthy response to stress

  • icon-ingredients-magnesium

    helps relax the nervous system and relieve tension

  • icon-ingredients-zinc

    helps strengthen the immune system

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    Caffeine Free

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discover the power of calm

You’re at your best when you’re calm and focused, not jacked up and jittery. Fully present, fully chill. This optimal mindset is often referred to as a flow state. We like to refer to it as the zen zone.

Just Chill is the yin to energy drinks yang. Whether you’re stressed, over stimulated, jittery, anxious, or just need to chill, Just Chill can help you let out your inner zen monk.

When should I chill?

Just Chill has been carefully crafted to help you keep cool and calm no matter what life throws at ya.

focus while studying or at work

reduce stress when commuting or traveling

after too much caffeine